Technologies DUAL-ADE inc.

Custom designed switchgear

Custom designed Electrical Engineered to meet your needs and adapt to your site and existing equipment

Our products

Our switchgear is custom designed and manufactured to meet the client’s needs and requirements and to adapt to their site and existing equipment, while complying with rigorous industry and public when necessary utility standards.

Low Voltage Electrical Switchgear

Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear

Arc-Proof Electrical Switchgear

E-House Prefabricated building

Universal Racking


Our partnerships

NOJA Power OSM Reclosers
Medium Voltage


A Qualified Team!

Technologies DUAL-ADE and DUAL Électrotech, is an experienced and motivated team that is very keen in fulfilling on the customer’s needs and requirements. Employing their technical expertise and know-how, engineers and technicians surpass themselves every day to offer the latest technologies in electrical engineering.

A dynamic clerical and production staff supports the company’s operations by always being rigorous therefore maintaining to be leaders in the industry of energy transformation/distribution.