Technologies DUAL-ADE Inc. was founded in 1999 by the merger of two companies operating their activities in the energy transformation and distribution field:

DUAL Electrotech, founded in 1995, specialized in personalized medium and high voltage electrotechnical services;

ADE Technologie, founded in 1996, specialized in the custom design and manufacturing of low and medium voltage switchgear.

In 2000, DUAL-ADE obtained its first ISO certification and implemented a quality assurance system. Since then, its manufacturing process has been controlled by the highest standard of this norm.

In 2006, DUAL-ADE marketed its new MODU-AL design, which is used in manufacturing its switchgear cabinets. Its design and layout flexibility allow it to offer custom designed switchgear, which meet the needs of its clientele while easily adapting to the limited space of their sites.

In 2009, DUAL-ADE joined the NSERC-Hydro-Québec-UQAC Industrial Research Chair on Atmospheric Icing of Power Network Equipment (CIGELE). This partnership made it possible to find innovative solutions to counter the hardships of our Nordic winters and prevent the accumulation of ice on our switchgear cabinets. This new innovative technology will be limited to the partners of the Chair. The only SME associated with CIGELE, DUAL-ADE is expanding its offer by making this new surface treatment available to its clientele as of 2015.

In 2010, DUAL-ADE officially adopted a participative management method. This new organizational culture allows it to guide its actions and decisions while respecting its corporate values – placing it at the forefront in human relations. With technology that is increasingly turning to virtual contacts, DUAL-ADE is committed to taking up a significant challenge: increasing and prioritizing its interpersonal relationships with its employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

In 2011, DUAL-ADE purchased a building and moved into its new premises. This acquisition allowed it to triple its production area to meet the increasing market demand. Located on 21 acres of land in the heart of the Sherbrooke Industrial Park, this new environment fosters the creativity of its employees, who are more committed than ever to innovation, solutions and action.

In 2012, DUAL-ADE implemented a new process and aims for operational excellence. All aspects of the operations are affected and continuous improvement, inspired by Toyota’s Lean Model, is at the basis of this philosophy. It supports the new organizational culture since it involves employees at all levels in the search for new processes. Operational excellence helps DUAL-ADE push its limits and allows it to implement new ways of doing things and to “Think Outside of the Box”.


To be the Leader in the application of innovative solutions in the transformation and distribution of energy


Rigour – Communication – “Thinking Outside of the Box”