DUAL is proud to work with dynamic and committed partners.


A supplier for Technologies DUAL since its creation in 2005, Gestion Systana is a company offering diversified services in the fields of telecommunication, transportation, logistics and laser identification. Over the years, we have developed a strong business relationship with Gestion Systana. Always striving to satisfy the needs of its clientele, this company is reliable and its employees proactive. Gestion Systana is more than a supplier for DUAL, it is an important business partner and our relationship is built on a win-win situation. DUAL uses the various services offered by Gestion Systana. In fact, this multiservice company acts as a consultant expert in our wireless telecommunication services with Bell Mobility; supports us in our projects by making emergency deliveries of parts to different hydroelectric stations (Hydro-Québec, Hydro-One and BC Hydro); saves us a lot of headaches by supervising our import-export transactions and manufactures our CSA identification and signage plates for our low and medium voltage switchgear cabinets. Over the years, Gestion Systana has been a reliable supplier, which Technologies DUAL can count on. Gestion Systana’s mission is “to become an extension of its clients” and it successfully accomplishes this mission for DUAL! For example, its engraving-production schedule leaves a daily slot free to meet an urgent request from our part; when needed, it doesn’t hesitate to adapt its transportation division schedule to our business hours, greatly helping our logistics. DUAL considers Gestion Systana (transportation, logistics, communication, laser engraving) as part of its team thanks to its flexibility, quick response time and dynamics. Congratulations to the entire Gestion Systana team. Thank you for helping us move up from performance to excellence!