GASUO – Next-Generation GIS

Caracteristics of Gasuo

  • Insulated with Purified Industrial [email protected] 1.8 Bar (SF6 Free)​
  • Rated Voltage: Up to 36 kV​
  • Rated Current: 1250A and 2500A​
  • Rated short-circuit current: 31.5/82 kA​
  • Insulation level (PF/Impulse): 70/170 kV
  • Width: 650 mm​
  • Height: 2200 mm​
  • Depth Including Pressure Relief Duct: 1450 mm

GASUO is a SF6-free medium voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) that will accelerate North American utilities’ plan to meet their energy transition objectives.

GIS are becoming widely adopted in electricity grids due to their compactness, reliability and low maintenance.


By replacing SF6 in GIS with purified industrial air, GASUO offers significant environmental benefits compared to SF6-based GIS while increasing efficiency and profitability.

Furthermore, since SF6 is replaced by air, the cost and complexity related to SF6 handling, recycling, disposal, and reporting is avoide


GIS uses SF6 as an insulation medium. However one kilogram of SF6 equals over 23 500 kilograms of CO2 which is catastrophic for our environment.

Due to the energy transition and increasingly stringent regulations, a growing number of utilities are tracking their SF6 usage and actively seeking ways to reduce it – without compromising on safety and reliability.


Combining the technology with DUAL-ADE’s know-how, build-to-specification engineering and production capabilities will ensure the new Gasuo portfolio meets North-American market requirements on performance, safety, and reliability.

The portfolio will cover the medium voltage range up to 36 kV, 2500 A with options to customize solutions

Clean, Smart & Efficient

GASUO innovative SF6-free gas insulated switchgear (GIS) uses purified dry air as an insulation medium, while keeping all the benefits of traditional SF6-based GIS.

These products champion GIS by surpassing SF6-based GIS’ benefits while adding smart sensor integration, sustainability and improved TCO.

Accessibly sealed system allows for access to all critical components

  • Low voltage compartment
  • Cable compartment