Technologies Dual-ADE Inc. is a well-performing company which Alouette has been a part of

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Aluminum is a very significant leverage in our development and success, which differentiates us from our competition today. We have surprised and impressed our clients with this alloy, Aluminum, which we have included in our equipment. After two years of Research and Development, we have replaced the steel structures of our switchgear cabinets with Aluminum structural members – extrusions. Thank you to ALOUETTE and particularly to Mr. Donald Galienne for having supported us in our development. As a result, together we have succeeded in creating an innovation which was daring at the start and yet – as seen by its success – seems obvious today.

You will be hearing more about Dual-ADE in the future since we have other ideas which will involve Aluminum and are proud of our association with Alouette.


Le mercredi 21 mars 2007 Club Nautique de Sept-Iles  Le Président d’Alouette (à gauche) et le Maire de Sept-Iles (à droite)Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Club Nautique de Sept-Iles

President of Alouette (on the left)
and the Mayor of Sept-Îles (on the right)

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