Universal Craddle

What the Technologies DUAL-ADE’s mechanism offers you…

Increased SAFETY for operators, EFFICIENCY due to its ease of use, ADAPTABILITY to meet your needs

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Its main features :
  • Has three distinct positions: Connected, Test and Disconnected
  • Fully integrated in the circuit breaker and each mechanism is operated individually
  • Operates without special handling and without effort
  • Can be operated manually or remotely (with motorized option)
  • Even with the motorized option, it is possible to operate it manually, at any times, without special handling, without effort and safely.
  • Completely adaptable to meet the customer’s needs
  • Adapted to the majority of available circuit breakers on the market
  • Complies with CSA standards for switchgear inside use.
  • Can be retrofitted into the vast majority of the medium voltage switchgear of Technologies DUAL-ADE already in service
Its technical characteristics:
  • Power supply: 120 Vc.a. or 125Vd.c., 5A
  • Torque required to move the circuit breaker in manual mode: < 6.8 N.m (5 lbf.pi).
  • Motor maximal torque: 129.6 N.m (95.6 lbf.pi) (motorized option).
  • Double position check: by encoding and limit switches
  • The Mechanism is protected: by a motor drive overload protection
  • Engineering service (Design)
  • Preliminary design study
  • Quote design assistance
  • Installation supervision
  • Customer service
  • Complete commissioning and electrotechnical services
  • 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of delivery, whichever occurs first
  • Extended warranty (contact us)
  • Certified products : CSA, IEEE, EEMAC
  • ISO 9001 quality management system
Options avalable:
  • Motorized for remote operation
  • Technologies DUAL-ADE 40 kA motorized grounding-switch disconnector
  • Control via Modbus TCP communication
  • Control via a local or remote operator interface (HMI)
  • Control compatible with SCADA systems
  • Interlock as per the customer requirements
  • Programming as per the customer requirements
A touch of innovation

Technologies DUAL-ADE thinks of you

panneaux berceau universelle

A mechanism that informs you…

… the status and the exact position of the circuit breaker during its movement, in real time and visually with the integrated camera system and to its operator’s interface.
-Technologies DUAL-ADE thinks that this will be useful to you.

A mechanism that reduces maintenance costs…

… because the laboratory tests, performed according to ANSI standard, shows that the mechanism can perform beyond 2500 cycles of operation without wear or deterioration of the mechanism, 5 times more than what this standard requires.
- Technologies DUAL-ADE protects your investment.

A smart mechanism…

…which knows the circuit breaker position at all times, whether it is manual or motorized, even after a power failure. If the position of the circuit breaker is not recognized, an automatic reset is done safely.
- Technologies DUAL-ADE anticipates the unpredictable

A motorized mechanism that protects the operator…

… because he will never have to be near the switchgear, or even in the same room, whether it be opening, closing or changing the position of the circuit breaker. The only handling he will have to do will be to insert or remove the circuit breaker from its cell.
- Technologies DUAL-ADE thinks that, like us, you are concerned about the safety of your operators.